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Citipointe Worship

Look To The Son Vinyl Album

Look To The Son Vinyl Album

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This limited edition 2 disc vinyl set contains a bonus studio track that is unreleased anywhere else! It is the perfect way to enjoy our acoustic and re-imagined style of songs for our album, Look To The Son. The modern white and luxurious vinyl discs provide superior sound quality, letting you feel the music in a way that digital formats cannot.

Track List: 

  1. Mover Of Mountains
  2. As The Deer / Nothing But The Blood
  3. Hope Builds
  4. Turn Your Eyes (Look To The Son) 
  5. Providence (Broke My Chains)
  6. Jesus Is Your Name / Dominion
  7. Heart On Fire
  8. Commission My Soul
  9. Seek
  10. The Lord's Prayer
  11. Overcomer (Bonus Track)
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