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Citipointe Worship

Look To The Son Music Book

Look To The Son Music Book

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Citipointe Worship's latest music release, titled Look To The Son, is an awe-inspiring collection of worship songs that deeply resonate with the soul. This album offers a unique blend of powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that direct listeners to fix their gaze upon Jesus. With a diverse range of musical styles, Look To The Son captivates hearts and ignites a passion for worship. Among the album's ten favourite tracks, "Commission My Soul", "Heart On Fire", and "Providence (Broke My Chains)" stand out as powerful anthems that lead listeners into a place of intimate connection with God. Other notable tracks include "The Lord's Prayer", "Seek", and "Jesus Is Your Name / Dominion", each offering a powerful reminder of God's faithfulness and love. Look To The Son is a testament to Citipointe Worship's dedication to creating music that inspires, uplifts, and draws people closer to God.

Track List: 

  1. Mover Of Mountains
  2. As The Deer / Nothing But The Blood
  3. Hope Builds
  4. Turn Your Eyes (Look To The Son) 
  5. Providence (Broke My Chains)
  6. Jesus Is Your Name / Dominion
  7. Heart On Fire
  8. Commission My Soul
  9. Seek
  10. The Lord's Prayer
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