NEW RELEASE: Behold - Collection 1

NEW RELEASE: Behold - Collection 1


Citipointe Worship have just released the latest collection of brand new music available for you to watch, listen and share with your family and friends! 

Behold - Collection 1 captures the heart of worship at Citipointe Church and is already having an impact far beyond our borders. We believe we captured something truly pure and holy in this recording – where His Presence met us in such a powerful and tangible way. We pray it draws you closer to the heart of Christ. 

You can listen here or purchase the brand new clothing apparel.

Collection 1 Tracks: 

01. Pavement (Live) feat. Chardon Lewis
02. Hope Builds (Live) feat. Jess Steer
03. The Lord’s Prayer (Live) feat. Candace Nainby
04. Him Hymn (Live) feat. Beau Lamshed & Karlee Lloyd
05. How Sweet The Sound (Live) feat. Matthew Nainby
06. Yes He Will (Live) feat. Jared Porter
07. My Love Is Jesus (Studio) feat. Becky Lucas

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